Water Softeners

Home Water Filtration

Waterboss features a multi-compartment tank.

Compartment number one of the waterboss, functions as a home water filtration device. Packed with 1.5 lbs of Ultra-fil and held in place by the waterboss’s patented direction flow screens, the home water filtration feature is self cleaning and affords the homeowner protection against any sediment, sand, or debris from wells or pipes down to 20 microns; that is smaller than what can be seen with the human eye.

With a WaterBoss® water softener and its home water filtration feature, there is no need to install a cartridge filter system to your main water line as is commonly recommended by manufactures of conventional water softeners.

  • No need to purchase a Sediment Filter housing; an average cost of $79.00
  • No need to purchase replacement cartridges; an average bi yearly cost of $34.00
  • No need to put yourself through the messy exchange of cartridges

The home water filtration feature of the Waterboss requires no maintenance and never needs replaced.

Waterboss is so confident in the performance and reliability of the home water filtration feature that it carries a ten year limited manufacture’s warranty.