Well Water Test

"A common mistake made by homeowners is to test their well water without first making sure the water well system itself is clean. Testing water from a dirty well can lead to false positives—the appearance of contamination even when the ground water is clean. A dirty well also can create an environment for contaminants such as certain types of bacteria."

From www.wellowner.org

The quality of water can vary from well to well.

A certified Hague Quality Water technician will conduct a well water test that will determine hardness, iron content, Total Dissolved Solids, pH, and sulfer. Well capacity and flow rate will also be calculated to assist in determining how to customize the WaterMax to your water’s specific condition.

You should conduct a well water test on an annual basis. The composition of your well water can change at anytime. This where the customizable feature of the Watermax stands alone among the competition.

In most cases if your water changes a waterMax can be reconfigured on the location, saving you space, time and money.

For more information on the importance of a well water test and water well maintenance go to www.wellowner.org or www.epa.gov.