Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The reverse osmosis water filter is actually a series of filters. In the case of the Hague H3500 reverse osmosis water filter, there are four filtering stages.

Stage one of the reverse osmosis water filter is a dual function pre-filter that uses a combination of sediment filtration and carbon to protect the RO membrane from particulate matter above 5 microns and damage from chlorine.

Stage two of the reverse osmosis water filter sends the water through the reverse osmosis membrane.

This semi permeable membrane allows water molecules to pass through, while dissolved mineral salts or total dissolved solids and virtually all particulate matter, even viruses, are left behind. In essence, the membrane acts as a super fine "strainer."

Stage three of the reverse osmosis water filter is the prolonged contact carbon filter to further improve the taste of the water.

Stage four of the reverse osmosis water filter is known as the post carbon filter and consists of a carbon block giving your glass of water a fresh crisp taste.

Regularly scheduled replacement of the four reverse osmosis water filter mentioned above is recommended. Replacement time frames range from 6 months to three years and vary depending upon the filtering stage. If you have additional questions about your reverse osmosis water filter contact your local Hague dealer today!