Customer Reviews of Hague Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems:

Why I Love Hague Quality Water

…Because our skin as never been more soft and smooth. We have never had better tasting water. We love our water treatment system.

Our clothes are softer and cleaner with less laundry detergent. Our dishes are cleaner and no drying needed. No water spots on our glasses out of the dishwasher.

Our pets are healthier and drink less water. Our food taste better and we can and do drink more water.

Thanks a million.
-The Handshoe Family


Letter below addressed to:
Eric Foronjy of Hague Quality Water in Los Osos, CA
April 16, 2002

Dear Eric:

We are writing to express our thanks and pleasure with our new WaterMax Filtration System.

When we moved to Los Osos in December 1999, we thought our water was hard. As the years passed, the water became extremely hard to the point of ruining our stainless steel flatware and also our drinking glasses. Our new sinks lost their finish from the constant use of harsh cleansers; yes, constant use of Comet ruined them. We purchased a new set of stainless steel flatware and a couple of sets of drinking glasses. Thinking this problem was our dishwasher; we called the Maytag Company with our complaints. After several calls to them, they and our local dealer decided to give us a new dishwasher, but we still had the problem. The local dealer told us to use Glisten, (a powder) once a month. Glisten helped some, but the rest of the house still had the awful hard water; the taste was awful.

We heard of Hague Quality Water from a friend. We contacted Eric and he came to our home and tested the water and showed us how the Reverse Osmosis works; we were sold! It was like a miracle! There was no doubt; we wanted this system with the wonderful clear good tasting drinking water.

Paul was wonderful! He was professional and very knowledgeable in explaining our new system. The attention to detail and the care he took in the installation of the R/O System was impressive. The project was a pleasant experience.

We are very happy with the cleaning and soap products that came with the system. How wonderful it is to not include laundry soap and cleansers on my grocery list. Our clothes are cleaner and brighter, showers, sinks, counter tops clean and sparkle; tea and coffee are delicious—I love my R/O System! It would be impossible to live without Hague Quality Water now.

Sincerely, Ruth and Steve L.


Why I Love Hague Quality Water

My Family and I would like to thank InnoTech, our consultant Rusty White, and all of InnoTech’s employees for their courtesy and installation of our new Hague Water System. Thanks to InnoTech, my family can now enjoy clean, healthy water that will last us a LIFETIME. We have two little boys, one of which is 5 years old and a newborn. My oldest son used to drink our city water, until I noticed that it was causing him severe stomach problems and nausea. Now he can enjoy the convenience of going to get a glass of water whenever he wants!! Also, we no longer have to worry about our family bathing in unclean water or wearing clothes that still have dirt and soap in them due to unsanitary water, even after they have been washed.

It has yet been a full week since the installation of our new Hague Water System, and I can already tell a difference in my skin after bathing; our food taste much better after cooking; and my entire family seems to rest much better at night, even my newborn. Thanks to InnoTech, I feel that my family will be in much better health!! I would recommend your products to anyone!! Thanks once again!!

The Curtis Family
Portland, TN


Why I Love Hague Quality Water

When my husband told me that someone was coming over to test our water, I was quite surprised. My husband works for a company that deals a lot with water and had already tested ours, and had known that it was hard. For that reason I always bought bottled water. When Larry showed up, he tested our water, showed us examples and told us many other things about it. My husband even seemed surprised with it and needless to say we now have the water system and it has made a lot of differences.

Our son has stopped complaining about being itchy all over after a few days. I wasn’t surprised because my own skin feels much softer and I don’t find the need for lotion. We are also foster parents (for this reason we could not send a picture of this child); we have a child whom has visited a dermatologist for his scalp. The doctor prescribed a special kind of shampoo for him to use every other day. A little after a week, or so, he stopped using the prescribed shampoo down to twice a week and has stopped itching his scalp.

The water system is great and everyone we’ve talked to (from the company) has been wonderful.

-Maryellen T.