Reverse Osmosis Specifications

The Hague H3500 Reverse Osmosis System is one of the most efficient RO systems on the market due to Hague's application of the non-electric permeate pump. The permeate pump significantly reduces the amount of water wasted, increases the pressure from the spigot to quickly fill a pitcher or glass and replenishes the holding tank at a higher rate.

Reverse Osmosis - Model H3500
Product #
Membrane Gallons per day1 Liters per day1 WQA GPD2 WQA LPD2  TFC 20 76 13 49 
Water Pressure  30 -100 Min. -Max. 
Water Temperature Degrees, F  40 -113 Min.-Max. 
Chlorine Tolerance  0 ppm 
Max. Hardness  10 Gr. pg 
Max. Iron  <0.1 ppm 
Max. Mang.  <0.05 ppm 
pH Limit  4.0 -11.0 
Max.TDS Limit  2000 ppm 
Hydrogen Sulfide  0.00 ppm 
Max. Turbidity  1.0 NTU 
Typical Rejection WQA Rejection  97%-98% @ 60 psi 89% @ 50 psi 
Storage  3.1 Gal. 
Water Supply  Municipal, Well, Non-Chlorinated 
Treatment Stages  5 Stage 
Prefiltration  1 Mic. Sediment / Carbon Block 
PCF  Standard 
Postfilter  GAC 
Height (inches) 16-3/4
Width (inches) 14-1/2
Depth (inches) 7
Weight  35 lbs. 
1 Product output is measured to atmosphere with feed
water of 77 degrees F, 60 PSIG and 360 ppm TDS.
2 NSF production is measured against a pressure tank
@ 5 psi backpressure, 77 degrees F, 50 PSIG and 750
mgIL + 40 mgIL TDS.
NOTE: Actual production rates may vary
depending on water temperature, pressure, TDS
level and membrane type.