Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis H3500There are many types of reverse osmosis water systems.

Reverse osmosis filter water systems produce pure water by forcing untreated water or tap water through a semi permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis can provide your home or business with healthier drinking water and protect you against low quality water that you may receive from a well or your public water pipes.

The Hague H3500 Reverse osmosis water system enlists a five-stage process that begins with a dual-function pre-filter; a combination sediment filter and carbon to prevent the membrane from clogging and chlorine degradation. The water then flows under pressure from the non- electric permeate pump into the RO module where product water is separated from impurities. Product water moves on to the Prolong Contact Filter and purities go to drain. Additional organics and gases are removed from the product water during the prolong contact stage.
Product water is then stored in the holding tank until needed. When water is drawn from the tank, it passes through a final carbon post filter to ensure a fresh polished taste as it fills your glass.

Care must be taken when deciding on reverse osmosis water filtration; most reverse osmosis water systems employ a three or four stage process. Hague makes the extra effort with a five-stage system to provide you with the highest quality water. Installation is critical to ensure maximum performance. Sanitary precautions must also be taken when installing a reverse osmosis system as not to contaminate the system.

Of the several reverse osmosis water systems to chose from, a Hague H3500, coupled with a Watermax water softener is the only system to actually filter your water 9 times before it ever reaches your lips.